Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

1. Why hire an interior designer?

A designer gives you a professional evaluation of your situation, and offers you an action plan. A designer gives you an additional pair of eyes, which are trained to see and notice things that yours could not. A designer also gives you other benefits:

  • You will save money, avoiding costly mistakes. Designers know how to invest your budget efficiently. You will be able to increase the value of your home.
  • You will spend exactly what you anticipated, saving time and effort. Designers know where to look for resources for everything related to your home.
  • You will get an amazing result. Designers not only have the sense of design, but also pay attention to the smallest details.
  • You will get exactly what you were waiting for.

4. What services do you offer?

I offer:

  • E-Designs Services: Full E-Room Design Package (+ info ) and Refreshing E-Design Package (+info)
  • In-Person Design: In-Home Design (+ info), Introductory In-Home Consultation (+ info) and Stylish Installation Package (+info)

6. Will I interact with you during the design process?

Of course! We will interact during the entire process, using the customer portal or by email to I will contact you within one business day (Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm) to achieve good and fluid communication.

15. What happens if I want to work with you, but my needs do not fit your current service offer?

No problem! I can to propose a solution that will work well for both of us. Send me an email at or contact me here.

5. Why do you take a limited number of projects per month?

I prefer to have a limited number of projects per month because I like to work closely with my clients, thus giving them a personalized service.

3. What are your favorite design styles?

I love mix it up styles! I like Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, Hygee concept, Boho, Vintage and Industrial... all together! My design is simple, fresh, functional. If you want more information about Styles click here

13. What is the process to buy items that you chose for my design?

Once the design project is complete, you will receive a personalised shopping list with direct links. The responsibility for placing the orders and paying for the products belongs to the customer.

12. If I want to change some things after my final review. Can I do it?

Yes, you can, but in that case my fees are $75/hour. If there is a break in the communication on your part for more than 30 days without being notified of the need for more time, Far&Away Interior Design LLC reserves the right to close the project and charge $40 for reopening. These fees must be paid before continuing the project.

14. If I change my mind, can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Design services, these are not refundable. I strive to offer an exceptional service to each of my clients, and I make every effort to create a product that you will love.

10. Once I have my Final Design, can I ask you follow-up questions?

After receiving the Final Design, I offer you a week of follow-up questions via email. If after this period you need additional help, my fees will be $75/hour.

11. What happens if I wait to buy an item, and then it is no longer available?

The world of manufactured objects changes rapidly and there is no guarantee that the item specified today will be available within six months. This is why I suggest you buy the items I pick out for you right away. It will be a pleasure to help you look for alternatives if any of the items you chose go into stock break in the week following the Final Design. If you need help beyond this period, my fees will be $75/hour. You can always buy a similar item.

9. Can you incorporate some of my existing furniture and/or accessories?

Of course! We all have objects we cherish. I will do my best to work with them. I will need images and exact dimensions of the objects you would like to use (guide). In some cases I may suggest a new fabric or upholstery if the original does not match the new design (up to 2 DIY).

8. Are there hidden costs or hourly charges?

Not at all. You will know in advance how much you are going to invest in your project, there are no hidden costs or hourly charges. I offer you a flat rate in e-design services (+ info) and in home design (+ info). The design cost stays the same regardless of your budget.

7. Are you going to work with my budget?

Absolutely! We can work with any budget. I keep in mind what you want to spend when I chose your furniture. However, I will let you know if your budget is in line with your expectations.

17. What is a 2D Design board?

The 2D Design Board shows you all suggested objects, including furniture, accessories and color scheme.

16. What is a Inpiration Mood Board?

It is the first step of the design process, based on your answers to the Design Questionnaire. It will show you a collage of photos with the style chosen for the materials, colors, decoration, lighting and fabrics.

2. Were are you based?

I am based in Raleigh, NC. I will travel within a 25 mile radius. Beyond that distance, it will also be a pleasure to help you, but please contact me to discuss the fees at

18. What is a 3D Board? And what is the difference betwen a 3D Render?

The 3D Board shows you all the suggested objects in perspective within your space. It shows you how your environment would look once the redecoration is complete. The difference is that the 3D Render shows a Photorealistic image showing you how your environment would look once the redesign is complete.

19. Do you recommend contractors?

I am sorry, I do not.

E-Design Questions

5. Will you come to my house to arrange everything?

It is posible if you live in the Raleigh, NC area. You have to buy the Stilysh Installation Package if you want me to come arrange everything. For more info, click here.

1. What is E-Design?

E-Design, virtual design or remote design, whatever you call it, is a simple, affordable alternative to traditional interior design services. It's handled entirely online. ​E-Design allows you to refresh your existing interior or start from scratch, to design one room or your whole house, at your own pace and style with as much money as your budget allows. ​It's easy: you send me your inspirational designs, photos and measurements of your space and the furniture you'd like to keep. Afterwards, you'll receive a complete room design plan with all the information needed to implement and execute your design.​ For more information go to E-Design Services.

3. Is E-design right for me?

The process requires your participation. You will have to take measurements and photos of your space, buy the furniture, and assemble the room at a time that works for your schedule. If you are willing to do that, E-design is most definitely right for you.

4. How is it possible to design my home without seeing it or meeting you personally?

Advances in technology over the past decade have made it possible for interior designers to work with their clients over the Internet. The Design Questionnaire allows me to get to know you and help me understand exactly your budget, space, and needs are as well as the look you want to achieve in your space.

7. How long does the E-Design process take?

In a Full Room E-Design Package, the entire process will take between 14-21 business days (Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), depending on the project and how fast you give me your feedback.
In a Refreshing Room E-Design Package, the entire process will take 10-14 business days (Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), depending on the project and how fast you give me your feedback.

Do you want to know more about the Packages? C lick here

11. What is open space or open concept?

In residential architecture, it refers to a house where two or more traditional rooms have been merged, so as to form a much wider area. The spaces that open towards others tend to be perceived as one, but is not necessarily true from a functional point of view. To achieve a true transformation I need to take into account both spaces and merge them in a logical way. Examples: a living room and a dining room, or a living room and an office. If you have any questions, please contact me at

10. How do I know that the furniture you specify for the design are a good size for the space?

It is essential that you are accurate when measuring your space. I rely on the information you send me to create to scale designs of your space. Accurate measurement is crucial to get a great design! I recommend to take the measurements two times.

8. How do I measure and take photos of my space?

It's easy: all you need is a measuring tape and your phone or a camera. For the measurement of the space, we need the length and width of the room. Please include the ceiling height and the dimensions of doors, windows and openings. In addition include, the size of the entryways of the house and entryways to the specified space. More details here.
Once you have all the required measurements and photos, please email them to
Here's an excellent YouTube video that explains how to measure your room, in case you're still having difficulties with this step:

2. Why choose my E-design?

I believe that quality design should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget or location. Once you have your shopping list, you can decide when you want to start with your space: all at the same time, or step by step.

6. Will you come to my house for a Design consultation?

It is posible if you live in the Raleigh, NC area. You have to buy the Initial In-Home Consultation. For more info, click here.

9. How do I measure and take the photos of a furniture that I want to keep?

It's easy! Take measurements of the height, width and length of the furniture. Take front and profile pictures of it as well. Once you have the required measurements and photos, please email them to