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3D Photorealistic Render Package

The photorealistic 3D rendering shows you your actual room with the new design concept, including design style, color schema and furnitures preferences, so you can easily understand the final project.


  • This package is perfect to:  Clients who know what they want, but need some direction and want to know what their space would look like when the makeover is completed but prefer to choose their products.


  • Shopping list non included.


  • 3 Photorealistic Renders per room, 2 angles and 1 aerial view to show the floor plan. 

  • You'll invest on this package: $400.00/ per room- open concepts are priced per room.

  • Add-on to another e-design package. You'll invest on this package: $300.00/ per room- open concepts are priced per room.


If you have questions or if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me.

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