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I'm Patricia Valdivieso-Cloës, born and raised in Argentina into an Italian and Spanish family. I went to school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Lille, Lyon and Paris, France. I have lived in Boston, and most recently settled with my husband and my teens in Raleigh, North Carolina (who knows for how much longer!). Yes, I come from Far&Away!

I bring with me a blend of cultures and languages, and I hope I can guide you Far&Away too.

Throughout my life I have been dedicated to caring for people... I'm a physician who has worked in intensive care units for many years while styling my home, my friends' and my families' homes. In 2014, I started a "new era in my life " to help people. I decided to complete a degree in interior design in France (CREAD Pro). Maybe you're thinking, "that is very different," but for me it isn't, because my goal is still the same: I'm helping people enhance the way they live, now by making the most out of people's space.


My style is inspired by the different places I've lived and traveled (Europe, Africa and the Americas), which give me my own signature look. I love to mix up styles, however my design is still simple, fresh, functional and modern.

I work on residential projects, but if you want to make your medical practice/office unique, I'm the right person. I know what both doctors and patients want.


I'll drive within a 25 mile radius of Raleigh, NC. Farther than that I am happy to help, please contact me for discussing about fees at patricia@farandawayinteriordesign.com

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Le Corbusier and MeMiami Design District. He was a Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, writer, and one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture. 


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