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Home Staging

The goal of staging is to sell your home fast and for top dollar!  Home staging helps to depersonalize and declutter the house in order to accentuate the architecture and space, making your home appealing to the highest numbers of potential buyers. This is important to do if you want to give the perfect first impression to buyers and to sell your home as quickly as possible.

As per the 2017 Profile of Home Staging by the National Association of Realtors, the top 3 rooms to stage for buyers include the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen.

Remember, your Investment in Home Staging will always be less than your first price reduction!

  • Home Staging Consultation Package


I have an affordable and easy approach to home staging because I use your own furnishing and decor as much as possible. My Home Staging Package starts with an Initial In-Person consultation where we'll meet in your home to talk about your project. From there, we will walk through your home to compile a list of everything you’ll need to prepare your home to sell then, we’ll determine a staging plan. 

My  focus will be to create a better layout that gives the illusion of more space and to create an optimal flow between living spaces. I will advise on paint colors, enhancing or creating a focal point in each room. In some cases I recommended making some affordables add-ons, like pillows, artwork or rugs. 

Following the consultation you can receive a customized report for each room detailing paint color suggestions and needed repairs. I will also point out  areas to declutter and depersonalize (taking down family photos, for example) so prospective buyers can imagine themselves in your own home. 

  • Turn-key Home staging 


After our consultation you can chose continue working with us.  I’ll rearrange furniture, artwork, and decor. I’ll also declutter and depersonalize before listing your home. This will give you the best possible chance to sell it for the maximum possible amount. 


  • Vacant Staging Home


Selling an empty home is not easy. Vacant houses sold  6% less than occupied houses and stayed on the market longer.  

Why? Because:

  • The first impression is key! In vacant homes, buyers have to imagine what the home will look like with furniture.

  • Empty rooms are going to look smaller, your eye isn’t able to use something in the background for scale or depth perception -- it’s extremely hard to judge size. 

  • Buyers think that you are in a rush - even if  you aren’t in one and they will want to lower the price.


To avoid those problems we offer Home Staging Service, renting furniture to give the best first impression to buyers. We transform the rooms where potential home buyers can see themselves living there from the very first moment they see the house. 

Ready to get started on a project?
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