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Refreshing Room E-Design Package

Do you have dated or mismatched furniture that need to work together and need additional pieces to complete the space? Does your room layout not match your lifestyle anymore? Are you tired of the colors of the space? Are you renting and don't know how to place your belongings? Do you have an empty room that you want to turn into something special?

The room's layout is fundamental to ensure effective usage of floor space, good circulation, but most importantly, it should match your lifestyle. A new paint scheme, repurposing/DIY projects for your existing furniture, and maybe a few new pieces - with the right sizes - to complete the space will resolve your problems.

Keep in mind that this package includes only suggestions for the dimensions of the new pieces, if needed. It doesn't include a shopping list or design style direction.  If you need information on the exact pieces for your room, it would be better to choose the Full Room E-Design Package.

The price start at $400/room.


This package includes:

  • Initial consultation via email after filling out the design questionnaire. 

  • 1 Floor plan layout to scale, suggested furniture placement and space measurements,  2 Revisions if needed.

  •  Suggestions for approximate dimensions of furniture. 

  • 1 Color scheme with, 1 revision if needed. 

  • Suggestions for repurposing/DIY existing furniture (up to two). 

  • Direct messaging with me. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 2.34.40 PM.png

The entire process will take between 7 to 10 working days (Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM), depending on the project and  how quickly you provide feedback. Each time you contact me, I'll give you a response within one business 

day for a good and fluid communication.

If you are local, you can add the  Initial In-Home Consultation, I will do your homework, taking photos and measurement for you. Also you can add Stylish Installation Package, if you need help to put everything together for a "wow" factor. I'll drive within a 25-mile radius of Raleigh, NCFarther than that I am happy to help - please contact me.

Ready to get started on a project?

How It Works - Really Simple Steps:

Step 1 
Design Questionnaire

It will tell me about your personality, style, your goals for the space, wish list and budget. This is a very crucial step if we are to agree on a design direction. I will be in touch with you by email for our Initial Consultation within 24-48 hours of receiving the questionnaire in order to reserve your spot and to establish a timeline. Then, you'll submit the payment for the design package, which should be received before the design phase begins. 

Step 2 

Once we have scheduled your spot:

  1. Take photos and measurements of your room and the existing furniture you want to keep in your design. It's easy - all you need is a measuring tape and your phone or a camera. You can see the instructions here.

  2. Share with me any inspirational image, links or Pinterest board that reflect your style.

Email me all homework at

Step 3 
The Design Starts!

  1. As soon as I'll have all the information, I'll work on a Floor Plan Layout to scale which includes measurements of the space and furniture, and a Color Scheme. Once this is ready, I'll share it with you through my interactive portal where you'll be able to give me feedback. I'll offer two revisions to adjust the layout if needed and one revision for the color schema if needed.

  2. Once this is accepted, I will send you a suggestion to repurpose/DIY existing furniture (up to two if needed) and the Suggestion of approximate dimensions for the new item if needed.*


No shopping list or design directions will be provided.​​​​

Step 4 
It's your turn! 

You'll shop and install everything at your own pace and in your own time to create your beautiful new space.

Once you have arranged your space, please send me pictures so I can share your transformation

*If changes or additions after the final package delivery, you will be billed at $75/hr. If there is a lapse in communication of greater than 30 days without notifying me of the need for extra time, Far&Away Interior Design LLC reserves the right to close the project and charge a $40 reopening fee. This fee must be paid prior to continuing the project.

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