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Get The Look: Midcentury and Modern Sofas and Couches

Happy Friday! This week I was looking for sofas and couches to match with a modern and boho atmosphere. I fell in love with a lot of them! I found many colors and textures, but it's really difficult to choose only one! I decided share some of my favs with you.

I placed each of the sofas in a Mood Board I created in order to give you the opportunity to compare and choose the one that's right for you.

I do not have any sponsorship or endorsement from the creators of these sofas and couches. I simply love these pieces of furniture!

I also want to introduce you to an amazing artist that I recently discovered, Charly Palmer. I added two of his artworks in the Mood Board and at the end of this post. You can go to his website,, to see more of his pieces. They're amazing!

On Stage!

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