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My Fav Big Outdoor Rugs

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

The ultimate budget friendly outdoor rugs roundup at Boutique Rugs.

With the arrival of spring, it is a good time to think about preparing our exterior to spend days of relaxation with our family or simply to read a good book. It is very important to think about your outdoor like an extra room: move our living room outside! To achieve this my first thought is to start with a comfortable outdoor rug (that we can clean directly with water from a hose) to set the space.


Ferron Area Rug (8'10" x 12'10")

Now: $240.75 after code SUMMER55 HERE


Milan Area Rug (7'10" x 10')

Now: $184.50 after code SUMMER55 HERE


Garberville Area Rug (8'10" x 12'10")

Now: $240.75 after code SUMMER55


Blue and White

Novato Area Rug 8'10" x 12'

Now: $209.25 after code SUMMER55 HERE


Dfafs Area Rug (7'10" x 10'2")

Now: $168.75 after code SUMMER55 HERE


Geometric Black and white

Spilsby Area Rug (8'10" x 12'10")

$240.75 after code SUMMER55 HERE


Lockhart Area Rug (7'3" x 10'6")

$159.75 after code SUMMER55 HERE


White and grey

Haynesville Area Rug (7'10" x 10'2")

$154.29 after code SUMMER55 HERE


Clenchwarton Area Rug 7'10" x 10'

Now: $231.75 after code SUMMER55 HERE


Thank you for checking this out! Stay safe!

The product suggestions on this post contain affiliate links, which means Far&Away Interior Design LLC earns a small commission if you purchase. This is at no additional cost to you.

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